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Jun 16, 2017
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Informations about transport is updated. Se more here.

May 14, 2017
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Venues. See more here.
May 8, 2017
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Practical informations about oral presentations. See more HERE 

Social Program

Here practical details and information about the social program during the conference will be updated.

Sunday the 18th of June:


The Danish museum of Nursing History (9.00-17.00)

The exhibition touches on the subjects of “the calling", hierarchy in the hospitals, historical development of nursing, founding of the Danish Nurses' Organisation, nurses abroad, treatment, psychiatry, district nursing, education, hygiene, living conditions and so on.

The exhibition includes a reconstruction of a dark and filthy back yard from 19th century Copenhagen, a hospital ward and a nurses private living quarters from the 1930s and an operating room. Link to the Museum

Venue: There will be pick up at Ansgar Hotel and Plaza Hotel - We will ask you to be ready at 9 am. 

Opening Ceremony at Odense City Hall, Flakhaven 2, 5000 Odense C (20.00-21.00)

For those who wish, we will meet at the Radisson Hotel at 19.30 and walk to the City Hall.

Monday the 19th of June:


Galschiøt Gallery and conference dinner

Jens Galschiot is one of a kind on the international and Danish art scene, and his artistic activities have attracted much attention all around the world. His intense commitment, energy and artistic talent has something to say, and his sculptures and art happenings touches everybody who sees them. The entire artistic work is mainly about having something to say and having the heart in the right place - to make the world's sufferings and taboos visible and make the viewer think and make up his own opinion about the matter. Link to the Gallery .

Venue: Busses will drive you to the museum, meeting point at Hotel Ansgar from where the bus will take you to the dinner and back. The busses drives at 18:15 PM.

Tuesday the 20th of June:


Boat trip on the small river of Odense and dinner (18.00- )

Experience the Odense River from the water. Link to website . After the Boat trip, there will be dinner at Sortebro Kro. Link to website.


17:00 Bus from SDU/venue to boat trip

18:00 Boat trip

19:00 Sortebro Kro (dinner)

21:30 bus return to Hotel Ansgar

Wednesday the 21th of June:


Visit to Hans Christian Andersen´s Childhood Home (9.00- )

Close to St. Knud's Cathedral lies the house where Hans Christian Andersen lived from the age of two until he was fourteen. It was from this humble home that his childhood memories sprang. More detailed program will follow. Link to the website

Venue: Meeting point at Hotel Radisson at 09:45 PM from where we will go