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Jun 16, 2017
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Informations about transport is updated. Se more here.

May 14, 2017
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Venues. See more here.
May 8, 2017
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Practical informations about oral presentations. See more HERE 

Pre conference

Writing seminar with Norma Graciela Cuellar


We are very happy to be able to invite you all for this very interesting and relevant writing seminar.

The P’s of Publishing - focusing on how to write an article and how to publish. The seminar will be held by Norma Graciela Cuellar PhD, RN, FAAN, Editor, Journal of Transcultural Nursing, on the 18th of June from 10.00 until 16.00. 

Venue: Odense University Hospital, Sdr. Boulevard 29, 5000 Odense C
entrance 1, Patient hotel 8th floor, meeting room south. 

The price for the writing seminar will be 800, 00 DKr. - It will be possible to take part in the pre-conference without attending the whole conference.

Publishing is a criteria for not only those in academia but in practice as well. The purpose of this presentation is to describe the P’s of the Publishing Process. Didactic and interactive sessions on writing and publishing will be included in this pre-conference session. The following outline will be included in the presentation.

  • Prelude to Publishing: an introduction to publishing
  • Potential articles for Publishing: different types of articles that you can publish (they don’t all have to be research)
  • Pertinent Resources: resources to help you in your writing e.g. Endnote, Refworks, turn it in, etc.
  • Plan to Write: finding time, developing a plan, having a routine
  • Picking a Journal: how to pick a journal, resources to help you pick a journal
  • Process of Publishing: submitting an article, online submission, rewrites
  • Pitfalls of Publishing: predatory journals, plagiarism, etc.
  • Prologue of Publishing

We are looking very much forward to welcome you!

You can sign up here LINK